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Landlords British Columbia: Review of the BC Landlords Association

March 12th, 2014 · No Comments · BC Landlords Membership Review, British Columbia Landlords

 Review of BC landlords association

BC Landlords Association Membership is an Excellent Resource for Small and Medium Sized Landlords.

More and more people in British Columbia are renting out at least a part of their homes.

With skyrocketing home prices, homeowners are becoming new British Columbia landlords each week.

Vancouver Sun

According to the Vancouver Sun lots of landlords are now sharing their homes with strangers.

In Vancouver the average price of a house is over $900,000 and renting to someone to live in your basement is a great way to help cover your monthly mortgage!

And why not become a landlord?

According the CMHC (Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation) the vacancy rate is only 1.8%.

This means there are more tenants out there than available rental properties.

This is good news for landlords.

Lots of Great Tenants Out There

With the economy still doing better than most other provinces (except Alberta where Alberta landlords are enjoying a great opportunity with far more tenant demand than rental property supply) we have lots of newcomers arriving in our province.

These newcomers are looking to put down roots and succeed in BC.

They are looking for good landlords who offer high quality rental housing

They are looking for serious and professional landlords just like you!

Bad Tenants Are Out There

Amongst all the excellent tenants out there another group also exists.

These are people who have learned how to ‘play the game’ and ‘manipulate the system’ to cost landlords months of frustration and thousands of dollars in losses.

These bad tenants in British Colombia are like parasites and want to feed on you and your rental property.

Renting to the wrong tenants can cost a landlord tens of thousands of dollars as this CBC story shows.

Where Can You Find Advice and Help?

There are some old associationa out there such as RomsBC and BCaoma. 

They are great for large scale corporate landlords with thousands of units

Except small and medium sized family landlords don’t have thousands of units.

They don’t offer the proper services you family landlords truly need at the prices we need.

Review of the BC Landlords Association

The internet is full of paid posters critiquing companies and association who offer true value.  

Fortunately there are also honest sites offer a real appraisal (and not paid to do so) such as the Toronto Landlords review of the Ontario Landlords Association here.

As for our review, we say the BC Landlords Association is a British Columbia landlords best friend!


1. Credit Checks for a Low Cost

We all know the importance of a tenant credit check to find great tenants.

The BC Landlords Association offers you tenant credit checks from Equifax for only $10/check!

And offer you a ‘full check’ from GARDA for only $14/check with no annual inspection.

The GARDA full check gives you an amazing look at your potential tenants current and financial past.

It shows you:

1. Where your potential tenant lives and their past addresses

2. Where does your potential tenant work and where have they worked before?

3. Does your potential tenant owe money to anyone?

4. Has anyone sued your potential tenant to get money from them?

5. Does your potential renter have people chasing them for money?

This type of ‘full check’ usually costs at least $50/check and requires an onsite inspection of your property each year.

That means the credit check company needs to come to your property and inspect it, and charge you.

The GARDA credit check from the BC Landlords Association doesn’t require it!               

Let’s hear from a BC landlords member:

“The GARDA credit check is amazing…I found everything I needed to approve my tenant!”

The Equifax and GARDA credit checks really help landlords and have a low price. 

This is unlike companies out there that are not clear about their fees and require annual fees.

Some companies like advertise they will give you complete eviction histories of potential tenants.

That’s not true.  They can’t because of the privacy laws and only using this as marketing.

Small landlords on a budget can’t afford to waste money or time on misleading advertising.

2.  Incredible Documents

Joining the BC Landlords Association give you access to all the documents you need to succeed.

Not just normal documents, but documents designed to help the landlord.

You get an online rental kit library where you can download all the documents you want 24/7.

Remember, all leases are not the same. 

You need a lease with clauses that will protect you in case you have any landlord/tenant dispute.

3.  Private Members Forum

As member you get  access to the private members forum where can share tips and strategy with thousands of other landlords and property manager across Canada. 

Incredible as it sounds, there are a couple of trolls who claim this isn’t a good thing. 

We think it is: you can network with other British Columbia landlords and also get the wisdom of successful veteran landlords and property managers across the country.

4. One Time Fee

This is why some of the old landlord associations and credit check companies unhappy.

Joining the BC Landlords Association is only a one time fee!  And for that one time fee you get the best prices on the market.

5. Recognized by the Provincial Government

The BC Landlords Association is recognized as a resource for landlords. 

Take a look at the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia page.

BC Landlords Association Membership Helps Landlords

For a one-time fee you get amazing  discounts on tenant credit checks, 24/7 access to a BC landlords rental kit full of all the documents you need, and the biggest landlord forum in Canada.

This certainly has ‘rocked the world’ of the old-timers who charge annual fees and high prices. 

That’s okay, because helping landlords is what we want and that’s why we highly recommend BC Landlord Association Membership

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