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British Columbia Landlords: Be Careful of Serial Bad Tenants

April 10th, 2014 · No Comments · Landlord Tenant Credit Check, Landlords BC, Tenant Screening British Columbia

 B.C. Landlords be careful of serial bad tenants

B.C. landlords call for bad-tenants registry

A report by CBC News has landlords all over British Columbia on high alert.

It also has landlords demanding change in how  the Residential Tenancy Branch operates.

How Bad Tenants Can Use the System to Abuse Small Landlords

We’ve seen the damage bad tenants can do to small landlords before.

In this case Landlord Kim Gouws explained how her renters didn’t pay her a cent of rent money after moving into her rental property in January.

After the tenants moved in, the landlord found both their check for the deposit and for the first month of rent had bounced.

By time she evicted them for non-payment of rent, Gouws was out over $5000 in lost rent.

Tenants Who Won’t Pay Rent (Over and Over)

Gouws believed these tenants were serial non-payers of rent.

CBC invested the ex-tenants and found that Gouws was right. The tenants had lived basically “rent free” for the past couple of years in 5 different rental properties in the area.

Their former landlady Suman Prasad lost over $7,900 in the four months the tenants refused to pay her any rent.

Another landlord said the tenants were experts in using the B.C. Residential Tenancy Act to their advantage.

When a CBC reporter called the tenants asking them why they don’t pay rent the reply was flippant.  The tenants said it’s not only landlords who have ‘issues’ to deal with.

Should We Have a Bad Tenants Registry?

Landlords such as Gouws told CBC News they want the government to create a ‘bad tenant’ registry. 

Bad stories aren’t exclusive to Ontario landlords nowadays and she says British Columbia landlords need more protection.

It’s time for landlords to be able to look at a database of tenants who have been evicted with court orders.

What Can Landlords Do To Protect Ourselves From Bad Tenants?

There are more and more stories of bad tenants in B.C. these days. It doesn’t matter if you are a Vancouver landlord renting out your basement or a Surrey landlord renting a SFH.

While landlords wait for the government to possible create a bad tenant registry there are things a landlord can do to protect yourself.

British Columbia Landlords: Tenant Credit Checks

Landlords need to screen tenants thoroughly.

An essential part of a good tenant screening is a credit check on the tenant.

The best tenant credit check is called a “full check”.

A “full check” isn’t offered by most credit check services. 

A “full check” gives you a very detailed financial history of a potential tenant.

Join the BC Landlords Association For Discounted Credit Checks with GARDA

The BC Landlords Association is a key element in making sure you rent to good tenants only.

While Landlords BC charges an annual fee of $150/year for membership, the B.C. Landlords Association only charges a one-time fee of $99.

For this you can get huge discounts on lots of services, including a “Full Credit Check” for only $14/check with no annual inspection of your rental property.

Full credit checks are normally over $50/check!

BC Landlords hope we can get a bad landlord registry

You can start protecting yourself now with great tenant screening including membership in the BC Landlords Association for only a one-time fee of $99 (no annual fee).

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