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BC Landlords – Landlord Number #6 Was Just Ripped Off by Serial Bad Tenants

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BC Landlords - Landlord Number #6 Was Just Ripped Off by Serial Bad Tenants

B.C. Landlords – Take A Look At These Six Properties Where The Tenants Didn’t Pay Rent!

Become a Member of the British Columbia Landlords Association for a Small One-Time Fee and Start Doing Credit Checks To Avoid Serial Bad Tenants!

The exposure a couple of serial bad tenants has British Columbia landlords beginning to change the way they screen tenants.

Serial Bad Tenants

According to CBC news Chris and Susan Perret have a small BC landlord trying to evict them again.

You heard that right, “evict them again!”

This is landlord #6 who has been cheated by bad tenants.

What’s So Special About Evicting a Tenant in British Columbia?

It’s been revealed these tenants have been evicted 5 times in the past couple of years and this is their 6th eviction for non-payment of rent.

The latest landlord tricked by them is Cara Falconer in Maple Ridge.

Why Did She Rent To Bad Tenants?

She didn’t do a credit check.

Instead she rented  to these tenants without even doing a simple reference check.

No Tenants Checks At All?

She bought into their story accusing their last landlord of being a thief and stealing their rent money.

She rented to them for April 2014 and guess what.

What Happened to this Maple Ridge Landlord?

The April rent cheque from the tenants bounced.

This landlords has already been ripped for $1500 and it’s just the start.

How Can A Landlord Avoid These Type of Serial Bad Tenants?

Since the CBC investigation has been widely reported at least BC landlords can see what is happening in the rental industry in 2014.

We sometimes think only Ontario landlords are facing bad tenants who want to rip them off.

It’s not the case.

Bad tenants exist in BC and their numbers are growing.

Ok, So How Can I Avoid Bad Tenants and Rent to Good Tenants?

One of best tools to screen your tenants and rent to good tenants is a credit check.

If I do a Credit Check What Information Will I Get?

If you conduct a credit check you will receive the type of important information you need to make a smart, sound and informed decision on whether or not you want to rent to them.

Sounds Good!

For experienced and professional landlords, a tenant credit is essential.

If you become a member of the BC Landlords Association you get terrific deals for discounts on premium credit check services.

You only have to pay a one-time fee to get access to wonderful landlord tenant check services such as GARDA and Equifax.

You Mean It’s Only a One-Time Fee To Become a Member of the BC Landlords Association?


Companies like Landlord BC charge an annual fee that simply doesn’t make sense for many small and medium sized landlords.

And their “discounted credit checks” are only what are called “partial checks”.  This means the information you get is very limited.

The BC Landlords Association provides terrific tenant credit check discounts for GARDA which offer you “full checks.”  This is a real credit check which offers you a complete look into your potential tenant’s financial history.

BC Landlords – Become a Member of the BC Landlords Association for a One-Time Fee and Get Premium Credit Checks From Your Own Home or Office.

It’s where small landlords can get the tools and services you need at prices landlords can afford.

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  • Jill

    If these landlords did credit check on them, then would avoid these kind problem happened.

  • Aline Arlett

    I can’t deny that there bad tenants out there.
    That said I’d like to tell you about serial bad landlords.