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BC Landlord Tenant Problems – No Rent, Grow-Op, Won’t Move Out

August 15th, 2014 · No Comments · Bad Tenants BC, BC Landlords, Residential Tenancy Branch

Go ahead and evict me...if you can!

Go ahead and evict me…if you can!

The BC Landlords Association has worked hard to educate landlords on the importance of tenant screening and to provide the tools landlords need at an affordable price. 

A recent story in the Province is important for other landlords in BC. It’s about a landlord facing a tenant who refuses to pay rent, won’t move out and even built a grow-op.

The story shows why this is so important for small residential landlords to learn the rules, use property documents the right way, and to screen tenants carefully.

A new landlord with tenant problems says the B.C. Residential Tenancy Branch isn’t fair. And her thinking makes perfect sense when she read what is happening to her and her rental property!

First Time Landlord Find the Perfect Tenant (Or So She Thought!)

A BC landlord with a rental property in Prince George is becoming increasingly frustrated dealing with her tenant.

According to the story landlord Angela Cunningham thought she had found the a great tenant for her rental property.

Why Did She Think He Was a Great Tenant?

There were a number of reasons including:

1. Appearance

The person wanting to rent her property was clean-cut and friendly.

2. Employment

He was employed and could afford to pay the rent.

3. “Gut Feeling”

The landlord and her husband got a good “gut feeling” about him. He seemed nice and honest and the type of person who would be a perfect tenant.

This hit is off so well they rented to him and even invited him for their family Thanksgiving dinner.

Things Start To Go Downhill

Soon after the holiday dinner things went downhill. Cunningham says rent payments were missed and she eventually served an eviction notice. Shaw also says she discovered an marijuana grow-op in the property.

Months later the tenant is still living there after she lost at her emergency Residential Tenancy Branch.

The first-time landlords now find themselves with a tenant who refuses to budge and an unfavourable ruling from the Residential Tenancy Branch that’s left them questioning whether B.C.’s tenancy legislation is balanced, or biased toward the renter.

I did exactly what I was told to do and he is still there,” said Angela Cunningham. “I’m horrified that I am asking for help and have to keep jumping through hoops. I am shocked, shocked that this is allowed to continue.”

Become a Professional British Columbia Landlord (and use credit checks!)

You can read the rest of the story and the details at The Province. It’s a startling wake-up for new landlords on what can happen if you aren’t careful.

1. Make sure you read the RTA carefully and know proper procedures.

2. Network with other landlords and learn as much as you can by reading news stories about what has happened to other landlords.

3. Make sure you screen your tenants carefully including running credit checks on your prospective tenants.

BC Landlords Association Membership – For a low one time registration fee new landlords can protect yourselves and your rental business.

Start networking, get the BC Landlord Rental Kit and get premium background screening with tenant credit checks all for a one-time registration fee of $99! (No annual membership fee!)

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