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How Can BC Landlords Handle Tenants With Pets?

May 8th, 2017 · No Comments · BC Landlords, BC Landlords Association, landlord rights, Latest News, Pets

How can BC landlords handle tenants with pets

BC Landlords – Tenants / Renters With Pets 2017

There is an excellent article at the BC Landlords site about landlords, tenants and pets. It’s important for new and experienced landlords alike to take a look at it because pets are a hot issue.

One of the biggest problem is there are some ‘groups’ out there who like to tell people they represent landlords when many “real” British Columbia landlords don’t think they do at all!

After all, landlords don’t get a salary each month and do “media events”. We are too busy running our rental businesses and dealing with real life tenant challenges.

Experienced and successful BC landlords know the importance of being professional landlords who run clean, safe and affordable rental properties. By being an ‘expert’ landlord and having a terrific rental property, you are on the path to success.

Successful BC landlords also know that the the key to success is to find good tenants. We also know that while the majority of BC tenants are good people who pay their rent on time and respect the landlord and the rental property, bad tenants are also around.

A Huge Source Of Good Tenants: Pet Owners

According to a recent report in CBC News tenants looking for rental property accommodation that is “pet friendly” isn’t easy. This is particularly true when we have low vacancy rates across most of British Columbia…

Why Don’t BC Landlords Rent To Landlords With Pets?

According to a post at the BC Landlords site landlords have valid concerns about renting to tenants with pets.

1. Damages

Many landlords tell us that the renters they have had with pets inevitably left the property with ‘pet’ damages of some sort.  While most landlords can handle small issues (such as scratches in the floors or a bit of wear and tear in the yard) we have been told many stories of serious pet created damages.

2. Irresponsible tenants/pet owners

Sure there are many great pet owners out there. There are are also people who don’t take care of their pets as they should. For example, many landlords have told us they have had pet owners who allow their dogs to “poo” all over the lawn without cleaning it up.

3. Tenant Vs. Tenant Problems

This is another huge issue the media and some “landlords groups” don’t talk about (or are unaware of). For example, we have landlords telling us that some tenants allow their pets to be noisy and disturb other tenants in the building. Then these tenants complain to the landlord to “do something!”

This can lead to even more problems if the complaining tenants are in a duplex and complain to the bylaw office. (Always make sure your rental is legal).

Small residential landlords are big corporations with unlimited funds. This means one tenant who is irresponsible with their pet(s) can cause huge financial problems for a small landlord. It can even lead a small landlord to be forced to sell their rental property!…..

BC Landlords Pet-Friendly Rental Housing Campaign

The great news for landlords and tenants is the BC landlords association has started their B.C. Landlords Pet-Friendly Rental Housing Campaign this past summer. It is REAL HELP for landlords in British Columbia.

BC Landlords Ask How To Handle Tenants With Pets

Let’s face it, real landlords know pets can be a real problem. Unfortunately the media and some so-called “landlord groups” are unaware of this because they aren’t small landlords themselves (they only act like one on TV).

For help we recommend all BC landlords go to the BC Landlords site and read their campaign to help landlords and tenants with pets. And always make sure you run a BC landlord credit check on all tenants before handing over the keys.

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